Friday, June 29, 2018

Magliocchi|Boss|Rolfini|Grassi – “Four points in the black sun” (AVANT SCENA REVIEW)

“Four points in the black sun” is the newest release of “Plus Timbre” records. Album was recorded by Marcello Magliocchi (drums, percussion), Matthias Boss (violin), Mauro Rolfini (bass clarinet, alto saxophone) and Alen Grassi (acoustic bass). Four musicians are dedicated to create interesting and extraordinary sound. Their music is filled with evocative and interesting musical experiments, innovative musical decisions, colorful and unusual timbres and has a rich musical language. Musicians are extracting new timbres and using huge range of different playing techniques, expressions and other elements of musical language. The music is based on avant-garde jazz and free improvisations – spontaneous and passionate solos, expressive and vivacious melodies, marvelous and virtuosic passages, special effects, vibrant and energetic blow outs are the main elements of their improvisations. Each musician has original and interesting playing style, unique sound and specific playing manner.
“Four points in the black sun” has evocative, fresh and interesting sound. Musicians are improvising free, expressively and creatively. Their music is filled with spontaneous solos, unpredictable stylistic changes, eclectic combinations and different moods. Compositions have difficult, colorful and expressive musical language. It consists from numerous of different expressions, extended playing techniques, special effects and unusual sounds. The pattern is constructed by many different layers, which are highly contrasting with each other. Each musician is improvising differently from the others – their melodies are solid, independent and bright. It makes a gorgeous, strong and effective melodic pattern. All kinds of rhythms are used silmunateously in these compositions – musicians are changing them dynamically. The rhythms of bebop, post bop, hard bop and other modern jazz styles are fused together with free, spontaneous and energetic improvisations. Even though, the music is based on avant-garde jazz, free improvisation and various styles of experimental jazz, it also has some elements from modern and contemporary jazz styles, experimental music, academic avant-garde and contemporary academical music. These intonations are very soft and mild – it’s integrated all together in one musical pattern. Dynamic, rapid and sharp modern jazz rhythms bring life and energy to the compositions. Bass clarinet and alto saxophone improvisations by Mauro Rolfini are expressive and vivacious. It’s filled with passionate solos, dynamic and light melodies, joyful and playful episodes which are put against vibrant, sharp and aggressive episodes. The music is based on contrasts and has an abstract musical pattern. Separate melodic and rhythmic elements are used monotonously and silmunateously one after each other. Reeds melodies bring bright, joyful, vivacious and expressive sound to the compositions. Matthias Boss violin improvisations are based on free improvisation, but also have some relations with academical music. Free and abstract form, colorful musical pattern, dynamic rhythmic, sharp harmony – all these elements are very important in the compositions of this improviser. Unusual sounds, colorful and weird timbres, effective and inventive instrumentation decisions – improviser really shows his creativity in forming a independent, colorful and sparkling instrumentation. He fuses together hiw own ways of playing, specific and experimental playing techniques with usual and very well-known methods of playing. The marvelous synthesis of all these elements makes an effort to colorful, effective and expressive sound. Alen Grassi acoustic bass improvisations are subtle and silent for the most of the time. Deep and dark bass line, repetitive and monotonic tunes, calm and peaceful melodies – these elements suddenly grow to the culminations: bright, passionate, effective and powerful solos with marvelous passages, interesting timbres and special effects. The music is contrasting and dynamic, has many different sides and colors. Musical experiments, intense melodies and brilliant solos arfe the most effective episodes of his improvisations. Marcello Magliocchi drums and percussion section is colorful and dynamic, based on modern instrumentation. Drummer tries out all kinds of different rhythms and organically blends together sharp and rapid modern jazz rhythms, calm and relaxing cool jazz and spontaneous, turbulent and bright free improvisations. Dozens of different exstended playing techniques are mixed together with colorful and gorgeous percussion timbres. All four musicians are using inventive ways of playing – they create interesting, fresh, innovative and evocative sound.