Sunday, May 13, 2018

once gravity trio – “hidden river” Avant Scena

“hidden river” was released on April 29, 2018 by “Plus Timbre”. Album was recorded by “one gravity trio” – it’s Stefabo Toschi (electric guitar), Luca Borsetti (drums, selected objects) and Alen Grassi (electric bass). The music of “one gravity trio” is full of dynamic and energetic sounds. Their music is based on avant-garde jazz, rock, modern and contemporary jazz styles synthesis. Musicians like to experiment in all ways of musical language – they are trying out new playing techniques, instruments compilations, forms, extended playing techniques and inventive musical decisions. Huge variety of playing techniques, original and interesting musical pattern, unusual timbres, weird sounds, colorful tones, expressive melodic elements and fascinating spontaneous solos – all these elements are the most important part of their music. Each musician has its own way of playing, specific playing manner and unique sound. Their music is always full of interesting sounds, stylistic waves, sudden turns, dynamic changes of various music elements.
The music of this album has interesting and innovative sound. The synthesis of avant-garde jazz, various rock and avant-rock elements, bebop, post-bop and other compilatiobns of contemporary and modern jazz styles are gently combined together in one place. Album compositions have intensive, vibrant and evocative musical pattern, which is based on dozens of different musical language elements. Individual and independent melodies by each improviser, evocative, effective and vibrant solos, original and sidden stylistic waves, dynamic turns and extended playing techniques – all these elements are the main basics of the compositions. All music is based on free improvisations which are masterfully blended together with creative and innovative musical experiments, search of unusual sounds and spontaneous solos. Stefabo Toschi electric guitar melodies have interesting and expressive sound. Vivacious, touching and passionate playing blends together avant-garde jazz, especially emotional and expressive free improvisations and the elements of various rock styles. Musician masterfully tries out different expressions and combines together traditional and extended playing techniques with experimental ways of playing. The sound of his improvisations is especially expressive, energetic, active and effective. Alen Grassi electric bass melodies gently fit together with electric guitar. His music is filled with virtuosic, vibrant and striking solos, expressive and vivacious melodies, vibrant, effective and strange timbres, original musical decisions and subtle and silent excerpts. Improviser masterfully fuses together different and contrasting moods, characters, extended playing techniques and expressions. His music is totally based on main elements of avant-garde jazz and free improvisations. The melodies are vivacious and vibrant – it’s highly contrasting with electric guitar. Dynamic and constantly changing rhythmic, separate and repetitive tones, deep and static bass line create solid rhythmic section. Luca Borsetti drums section has rich and bright sound. Musician combine together traditional and unusual percussion instruments. The unusual timbres, colorful and gorgeous sounds, fascinating musical experiments, original and inventive musical decisions, loud drum rolls, turbulent and bright free improvisations, special effects and many other elements are masterfully fused together in one place. This music has expressive, innovative and interesting sound. 

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